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Perfection Bridal’s Guide to Your Perfect Fairytale Wedding

Thanks to all the folk and lore we grew up listening to, a fairytale wedding happens to be almost everyone’s favourite. Ethereal, regal, and magical, a fairytale wedding quite literally is the visual depiction of a dream. We all have our own definition of a fairytale wedding, but the general themes fall somewhat in the same category. Think extravagance and glamour, simplicity and finesse, sophistication and elegance; just the components you need for the perfect fairytale come true.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that literally just about everyone has painted a vivid picture of what their dream wedding would look like at least once in their lifetime. Want to plan your own dream wedding? Let’s get started.

Ideal Venues

  • Fairy Forest

When it comes to venues, you can channel diverse sources of inspiration and stage your event according to that concept. For a rustic and enchanted feel, a wedding stage set under the lush canopy in a forest is the way to go. An old rustic barn is the ideal location for a more minimalistic and vintage wedding.

  • Royal Dream

If you wish to truly fulfil your dream of being a princess, then do not be afraid to go all out. A ballroom is the perfect location to have your first dance as husband and wife. For an elegant and chic affair, a garden is the best place to hold your outdoor ceremony. The venue’s look and feel goes hand in hand with your wedding’s concept, theme, and overall vibe.

Dress Silhouettes

For the ultimate fairytale wedding look, you can never go wrong with a ball gown. Stunning and statement, ball gowns make every girl feel like royalty. Pair it with a sheer veil and a tiara fit for a queen and ballet pumps for the complete look.

If your preference lies in the more rustic and vintage spectrum then opt for something loose and flowing that drapes your body effortlessly. For an added touch of elegance, make sure to layer it up.

Groom’s Outfits

A tux is your best bet if you are opting for something glamourous. Otherwise, for a simpler affair, a nice muted three-piece suit works just as well.


The most key component of a fairytale wedding is the décor because it can change the entire outlook of your event. You will need flowers; lots of them. Soft opulent lighting, muted pastel hues, and a sleek table arrangement with elegant flower centerpieces; voila! You have your basic starter pack.


Accessories can make or break your look. For the bride, a tiara is a must as is a veil. Choose to be as minimalist or as extra as you please but stick to the classics when it comes to jewellery such as pearls and diamonds. For the bridesmaids, flower crowns look great along with corsages.

Hair and Makeup

For a more polished and elegant affair, your safest bet is to stick with a clean up-do and soft makeup. It will keep your hair in place the whole night whilst making sure you look like the queen that you are.

Breathe life into your dream and watch it unravel before your eyes. Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. Make it a good one.

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