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Weddings in Different Cultures: Greek Weddings

Modern day Greek weddings are the perfect blend of classic traditions, sheer sophistication and absolute finesse. They’re a pleasure to attend when you’re a guest and an absolute delight to host as the couple.

Whether you’re on the search to find relevant details for a Greek inspired wedding celebration or you simply wish to reconnect with your ancient Greek heritage, Perfection Bridal has you covered every step of the way. Here is everything you need to know about the abundant ways through which modern day Greek weddings are managing to fuse customs with trends.

The Koumbara and Koumbaro

The designated titles of maid of honour or Koumbara and the best man or Koumbaro have special responsibilities in a Greek wedding. They’re given special respect and are also termed as sponsors of the wedding with symbolic duties to carry out throughout the entire marriage ceremony.

The Ancient Ring Exchange Tradition

Greek weddings give special important to the classic ring exchange tradition. The bride and groom’s rings are blessed by the priest and then passed between the couple three times by the designated Koumbara and Koumbaro, after which they are placed on the couple’s fingers. This tradition marks the couple’s everlasting bond.

The Stefana - A focal Point of Many Greek Weddings

The Stefana or wedding crown is a representation of the bride and groom as the queen and king of their castle. It also symbolizes another name given to the union of marriage shared between the couple. The Stefana tradition is carried out in a similar manner to that of the ring exchange. The priest blesses the Stefana, which is then passed three times between the couple, after which it is placed upon their heads.

Greek Wedding Fashion

Grecian styled wedding gowns are in league of their own. The long flowy empire line silhouette that reminisces the ancient Greek Goddess’s style is opted for by many modern brides today. Most Greek bridal gowns exhibit flattering drapery, cinched waistlines and the most delicate lace adorned sleeves. Many Modern Greek brides opt for Pronovias and Demetrios as their go to brand for gowns galore. Perfection Bridal Dubai has a plethora of inspiring Greek wedding dresses and evening gowns in store for clients to choose from.

Many brides prefer to keep their hair tied up into a bun with elegant hair accessories that complement their attire seamlessly and manage to showcase the bridal gown’s detailed back. Greek grooms on the other hand commonly opt for tuxedos or suits in grey, black or navy tones.

The Kalamatiano

For a little jumping and jiving, the entire bridal party joins in on the wedding festivities in a unique tradition called the Kalamatino. Here, the bride leads the way for a raucous dance which comprises of holding hands and skipping in a circular fashion. But that’s not the only form of entertainment. Guests enjoy the Tsamiko acrobatic performances by skilled dancers that jump in the air as well as the Zebekiko where skilled dancers drink shots of potent liquor from the floor.

The Koufetta - an Ancient Tradition

Be it wedding favours or as celebratory snacks, Greek wedding guests are treated with Kofetta - delicacy comprising of bittersweet almonds in a sugar coating. The bittersweet almond represents the good and bad of marriage, alongside the sugar coating which symbolizes happiness.

A Traditional Greek Wedding Cake

Greek weddings are believed incomplete without cakes. Traditional Greek wedding cakes consist of thin layered spongy goodness with fillings made of delectable sweet cream. Today, modern couples opt for a twist on the norm by selecting flourless almond cakes. Alongside this, many couples serve wedding themed sourdough bread that’s decorated in a festive manner.

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