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Weddings in Different Cultures: Russian Weddings

Every culture carries out weddings in its own unique manner. And Russian weddings are no exception. From the food and décor, to the actual ceremony and reception, not to mention the out of this world wedding traditions, there’s plenty to look forward too.

But it doesn’t end there; Russian weddings are a truly fashionable affair with glorious weddings gowns, fabulous bridesmaid’s dresses and modern day chic attire for the guests as well.

We at Perfection Bridal Dubai love celebrating an integration of various cultures with the most strikingly attractive wedding dresses. And that’s exactly why we’re going in depth into ravelling the hidden treasures that surround Russian weddings today. So let’s take a look!

The Memorable Russian Wedding Ceremony

Russian weddings are known to take on various forms of greatness but it all begins with the process of legalization. A trip to the registration office, the ZAGS is the place to be when getting married.

Once their marriage fulfils all legal obligations, couples may take part in a small civil affair where after the signing of papers, they head off to a party. Other options include a small civil ceremony or the grand ceremony and reception.

Most ceremonies take place in a well lit ambience at the church, where close family and friends gather to witness this beautiful affair. Receptions are soon to follow and are termed to be a grand affair.

Witness the Betrothal in All Its Magnanimity

The first component of traditional Russian orthodox weddings is the betrothal. Here, the couple is made to stand at the church’s entrance, where they are blessed by the church’s priest.

The couple is given lit candles, which they must hold on to throughout the entire ceremony. The ceremony comprises of a series of prayers and scripture readings too.

The Unique Ransom Tradition

We bet you’ve never heard of this next unique Russian wedding tradition. The Russians may not take part in dowry but they do believe in the bride’s ransom. In this ancient old tradition, the bride’s parents literally steal her away, hiding her before the ceremony begins. The groom must then pass a series of challenges set up by the bridesmaids as a means to release his bride. This customs marks true love and strength displayed by the groom for his bride. In cases where the challenges/obstacles can’t be met, payments can be made in the form of cash, chocolates or flowers.

Russian Brides are a Vision in Absolute Fashion Greatness

The Russian bridal fashion scene is an absolute vision to say the least. Be it vintage floral patterned dresses, short chic numbers or the brilliant use of tulle - you’ll find fashion trends galore. White is the modern colour of choice being selected by most brides. Russians love to experiment with their looks and we can totally relate as to why. But it doesn’t stop there. The dress is paired with stunning floral headpieces, intricately designed veils with fur shawls and more to make the look every bit appealing. Feel free to visit Perfection Bridal for more splendid wedding themed gowns and dresses.

The Crowning Tradition

Russians place great emphasis on placing crowns over the bride and groom’s heads, even more than on the exchange of rings. This is the second component of most orthodox weddings where the couple stands on a piece of cloth and wait for the priest to place the crown, alongside his blessings.

The Smashing Marks the Start of a New Beginning

The Russians like doing things with great enthusiasm and the smashing of crystal glasses is just one example. After being pronounced as husband and wife, the couple must smash the empty glasses into as many shards as possible. Each piece represents the start to a happy marriage.

Russian Food and Drink is a Component that Truly Not to Be Missed

The Russians love to eat, drink and be merry. The use of fresh fruit, delicious cheese variants and exquisitely baked breads and pies are a common sight to behold. Russian wedding dishes involve heavy use of cream and grilled meats. A wedding cake is also served to guests after being cut by the married couple.

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